Research Unit : Plant Protection (RUPP)

Research Areas

The researches conducted within the unit are designed to improve productivity and quality of crops (market gardening, fruit, cereals, food legumes, etc.) through the development of appropriate solutions to fight against pests. The main areas of investigation are:

  • Integrated protection of wheat in the Sais and Middle Atlas against fungal diseases and weeds.
  • Integrated protection of the fruit trees against bacterial diseases (fire blight Rosaceae fruit pip, Olive knot, the crown gall of vine …) and insects (codling moth and capnode Rosaceae core).
  • Biological control against Bacterial diseases of onion and Pectobacterium sp of Potato.
  • The RUPP is also equipped with powerful tools for rapid diagnosis of disease.

Research team

Researchers :

  • Abdelhamid Ramdani, Plant Pathologist.
  • Salma El Iraqui El Houssaini, Entomologist.
  • Khaoula Habbadi, Plants protection.
  • Mariam El-Harsal, Plants protection.
  • Zineb Belabess, Virology.

Research technicians :
Abdellatif Benbouazza.
Hafid Ibriz.

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