Research Unit : Management of Natural Resources, Economics and Sociology and Quality (RUMNR-ES-Q)

Research Areas

Research conducted within the unit are multidisciplinary and aimed at conservation of natural resources and enhancement of plant patrimony. They also seek to deepen understanding of socio-economic and institutional dynamics in rural areas.

The main areas of investigation are:

1. Natural Resources :

  • Reasoning of mineral fertilizers and chemical evaluation of agricultural land fertile.
  • Valorization of aromatic and medicinal plants.

2. Socioeconomics:

  • Life strategies and livelihoods in mountain areas
  • Risk management in agriculture.
  • Study of policies, institutions and processes involved in the management of natural resources (water in this case) and the dynamics of development of rural areas.

Research team

Researchers :

Research technician :

Charaf Eddine Kacemi.

Secretary :

Laboratory agent :
Tijani Amrtib.

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