Research Unit : Agronomy and Plant Physiology (RUAPP)

Research topics

The research projects of the Research Unit on Agronomy and Plant Physiologyare mostly focused on how to preserve natural resources (especially by means of improved cultivation techniques) while optimizing the performance and quality of annual and perennial crops.

The research undertaken encompasses:

  • The efficiency of the use of minerals and/or water on various species.
  • Soil conservation for sustainable agriculture through the study of various farming practices vis-à-vis soil use, crop rotation, intercropping…
  • Germplasm collection of walnut trees for selecting drought resistant genotypes.

Research team

The researchers :

  • Rajae Kettani, agrophysiology of annual and forage crops.
  • Khalid Daoui, agrophysiology of food legumes.
  • Reda Meziani, Biotechnology.

Research technicians :

Chems Doha Khalfi.
Mohamed Alghoum.
Lhoussain Bouichou.

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