Research Unit : Plant Breeding and Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources (RUPBCPGR)


The research activities and studies conducted by RUPBCPGR target both field crops (cereals, food legumes and oil crops) and fruit trees (almond, olive, fig, apricot) and are focused on:

  • Characterization of local and introduced genetic resources and conservation of core and living collections both on-farm and ex-situ.
  • Integration of biotechnology tools in germplasm characterization and plant breeding strategy
  • Technology transfer and dissemination of knowledge and plant material to farmers and other users.
  • Other activities: Capacity building and training for graduate and post-graduate students.

Research team

Researchers :

  • Abdelghani NABLOUSSI: Oilseed Crops Breeding, Coordinator of the Reseach Unit.
  • Amal HADIDOU: Olive Breeding.
  • Jamal Charafi: Biotechnology and Plant Breeding.
  • Ahmed El Bekkali: Biotechnology and Plant Breeding.
  • Ibtissam Guirrou: Food technology.
  • Ouamaima Chettou: Breeding.

Research technicians :

  • Lahcen Hsaini: Fruit Trees.
  • Mohamed El Fechtali : Field Crops.

Secretary : Naima Lamaaraf.

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